Podcast apps for android

Podcast apps for android

Best Podcasts  on Android



It is a Spanish app that has a huge catalog of content in Spanish. This benefits both Hispanic listeners and content creators in Spanish, since it is the directory in which we will most easily be able to create those magical matches between the search for content of our liking and the offer of our content available to new listeners.
iVoox allows that meeting for free. Although to achieve this, it adds visual advertisements and can also add audio advertising, for example before each podcast episode that we want to hear begins.


It is an app available in the Google Play Store but in reality it works in coordination with the Google search engine, so it promises that it can make you the best suggestions for new podcasts to listen to based on searches in your history on Google.
That idea in principle is powerful enough that Google Podcasts is an excellent platform for discovering new podcasts . And of course, so that our recordings are available to be found easily.

However, in practice, there are other apps that may be more comfortable to handle playlists  created by ourselves to manage the podcasts to which we have subscribed.


Being a large community of podcast content creators , Speaker presents a wide variety of content and a great way to listen to podcasts according to our tastes.
It allows you to follow our favorite podcasters and even receive notifications in real time when there are new episodes. And especially it has the function of allowing ” Live” transmissions  in direct. And it alerts us when a transmission is happening, so we can connect and even participate in the chat of a podcast that is being broadcast live.
The weakness of Spreaker is that it does not allow you to listen to any content, it must only be content hosted or managed by Spreaker. So some programs may not be available in this app.
In return, Spreaker has a second app, no longer for listening but for recording sounds and being able to make your own podcast . Starting with a free account that gives you up to 5 hours of stored audio from your own podcast without paying. If you start a podcast this app will be very favorable.


It is one of the most recent appearance in the world of podcasting . You have the good chance of finding almost any podcast content that is available on the internet, no matter where it is hosted, and allowing it to be listened to within Castbox.
Many users have praised the ability of this app to suggest new content that they like, based on what they have already heard.

Castbox is constantly growing and could be one of the best alternatives to listen to and manage lists of podcasts to listen to.


It allows you to listen and subscribe to any podcast , it has lists categorized by theme and it can also offer weekly recommendations according to the profile of each user.

It is an excellent application with an impeccable handling of the lists and the quality of the sound. But it is not free, you have to pay to install it on your Android device. Of course, it is a one-time payment, regardless of the amount of time per day or the years you spend listening to your favorite podcasts on Pocket Casts.


One of the preferred apps for many Android users thanks to the fact that it is free and allows you to manage listening lists without much problem.


For several years it was the most popular choice on Android devices in the United States. It has a huge catalog of podcasts in English, but it probably does not have all the content in Spanish that we would like to find, since it is necessary for the owner of each podcast to open an associate producer account on Stitcher and register their program.


As one of the first music streaming companies , Deezer has managed to accumulate a huge catalog of available songs. And as part of its growth, it has also incorporated podcasts for listening. It is one of the few apps that allows us to search and find both music and podcasts , and listen in a free account that includes advertising, or with a paid account that gives us access to all the music we wanted and also podcasts .


After having achieved the leadership in  music streaming, Spotify has incorporated special sections for music videos and now also for listening to podcasts.

Given the size of the company and the high number of its active users in the world, in a very short time it became the most used app to find and listen to podcasts on Android devices.

If you make a podcast and want to publish it on Spotify, here are the instructions.

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