Instagram Strategy for Food Bloggers

Instagram Strategy for Food Bloggers

We eat with our eyes, we are lovers of Tasty videos and we are crazy about the express recipes that thousands of amateur and professional foodies present us. And it cannot be denied: we love to eat! For this reason and because you are probably already thinking about the menu that we bring you, today we leave you a most delicious menu. If you have a restaurant or establishment dedicated to restoration,  don’t miss the tips we have prepared for you, today you are going to put on your boots! I leave you with  the best of Instagram for restaurants  and other snacks that will leave you with your mouth open 😉

Let’s start with a delicious strategy

The purpose of using social media for new businesses is not a secret, everyone is looking for the same thing: to  better take advantage of this powerful platform to obtain new clients and maximize the income of their current client base. For this and to give a more consolidated image, the establishments use Instagram as a faithful ally to turn to. Here is a small list of the main objectives:

Make purchasing decisions regarding the latest trends

Keeping the public abreast of news

Remind loyal customers to come to our restaurant.

Contact new clients

And (above all) make more money

Therefore, it is necessary to have a well-designed strategy, which allows us to strengthen our brand in the long term. We must be able to make our name easily recognizable by offering fresh and consistent content.

“Eating is no longer a personal experience, now it is an event that is shared.”

Put the goal in motion!


You may be thinking, but why focus on building the image of a restaurant on Instagram? Today the online presence is essential. Tripadvisor, for example, allows you to know hotels and restaurants through photographs taken by other travelers,  and in that line, Instagram can also do it (although with a significantly higher quality). That is why examples such as  @tacobell or @dominos  are a good example of the importance of online presence.

These restaurants, like many others, feature an easily recognizable name and profile photos with delicious food images (instead of logos). These types of profiles obtained 28% more visits than those with logo profile images. 

Making food our profile picture better communicates our core value proposition from a market perspective: delicious food and a fun experience.

“24% of people check the Instagram of a restaurant before deciding to go”

Share sweetness and hit play

With Instagram, food comes first and is a fundamental part of the lifestyle that customers share on their social networks. Some of the tips to pass the master in instagram for restaurants are:

Create a restaurant Hashtag: #favoriterestaurants

Do you think campaigns around the holidays on social networks?

Do you offer contests and giveaways?

Do you pay special attention to photography? Instagram thrives on beautiful images

Do you follow a color palette around the products you offer?

Idea stories and prepare special featured covers for each topic?

Create a unique and easily recognizable brand symbol?

Get specialized influencers and bloggers in your area?

Constancy and a pampered design

Some of the most followed accounts on this social network are food or restaurant accounts, funny right? Here are some of them:

Sweetgreen  : 3 friends founded a healthy fast food company and today it is worth $ 1 billion.

Piada Italian Street Food  Delicious world dishes with an Italian twist.

I also leave you some of the most used hashtags in this area:   #montaditos #foodgasm #tapas #spanishtapas #croissant #fresh #instafood #instagood #foodporn #foodie #foodies #food #foodlover #yummy #yum #tapasbar #restaurant #croquetas

And some depending on the area where your establishment is located or the environment it offers:   #bcn #copasmadrid #centro #vistasdelmar #cosy #intimo #sunny #amigos #barcelona #bcn #catalonia #catalunya 

With all these tips, making marketing strategies for restaurants on Instagram will be a success and will greatly increase your brand’s chances of success. You dare?. There are those who have not only thrown themselves but have bet much higher. This is the case  of the Milan Restaurant that allows its customers to pay with followers. Incredible true? :OR

If you liked this content, don’t stop sharing it and keep seeing many other cool things related to the world of marketing! We also recommend our gastronomic marketing post   if you want to find out about all the trends so that your restaurant is the best.


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