Influencers in covid-19

Influencers in covid-19

The COVID-19 is the order of the day, and we are constantly receiving information through the media, especially through social networks. In this context in which we are all more connected and digitized than ever, added to the hours we spend with our phones during the long days of quarantine , the role of influencers takes on great importance in communication.

During these days, we have seen the influencers more active than ever creating all the possible content so that the quarantine is more enjoyable for their followers, but what about companies? Many are being greatly affected by this situation and have great economic uncertainty , but this does not stop them from continuing to help with their services so that we can pass the quarantine as well as possible: from gyms publishing training routines to do at home, tools for teleworking, transport companies to take health personnel to hospitals, courier companies or home delivery and restaurants, even resources to entertain the little ones in these difficult times. 

We are aware of what it costs to carry out your ideas, your projects and how these potholes can be a whole mountain for your business. That is why we want to support all these companies that continue to work to offer us free of charge what they have fought for in these difficult times .

At Influencity we want to join this great movement and do our bit. How? Connecting small companies and influencers so that the latter in solidarity give visibility to all small businesses and SMEs that are offering their services completely free of charge during the quarantine.

If you have a company and want to participate in this process, register in this form , where you can specify the name of your company, website, social networks, services that you are offering for free and how to obtain them. Once you do, thousands of influencers will be able to access this directory, classified by themes and cities, so that they can jointly share your services on their social networks.

If you are an influencer and want to help by joining the movement, you will be able to find and share this content through the solidarity hashtag #Youareinfluencer and thus amplify this service with a single social purpose: to exceed the quarantine as best as possible and give visibility to these companies.

And if you are a company in the Influencer Marketing sector , from Influencity we encourage you to join this initiative so that through influencers, the message can reach more people.


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