How to use Google Trends for your SEO strategy

How to use Google Trends for your SEO strategy

 how to use Google Trends for your SEO strategy? Since it is an innovative and effective way to optimize your content, know what users are talking about and more. Keep reading and know ways to take advantage of this tool.

How do you use Google?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world today. About 90% of internet users use it.

With the passing of time and the evolution of technology, many more services have been added that go beyond simple searches on the web. Some of them are email, news page and free tools and applications that help web positioning.

But before accessing all these functions you must know how to use the search engine.

How to do a search

Once you access its main or home page, it shows you a bar or space where you must place the word or phrase you want to search for.

Clicking search will take you to the first page of Google results or SERPs. There, look at the options to filter the information that are at the top of the screen, below the bar.

You will be able to select the alternative or the search area that is most related to the type of content and the formats you want. You can get results only in image formats, news, videos, locations and more.

In the preferences you can configure the searches, determine if you want to obtain local, national or international results, the language and more.

The search engine will give you a large number of results. That is why it is important that you filter your searches as well as possible. Check the “Tools” and “Preferences” option at the bottom of the text bar. These will help you better configure your search.

You can also do much more specific searches using professional Google commands.

What is Google Trends and how does it work?

If you are wondering how to see search trends in Google? The answer is quite simple. You just have to access Google Trends.

This is a totally free and freely accessible Google Labs tool. It allows you to see the most popular search terms of the moment. Or even from the past, as long as it is from 2004.

It is widely used in the world of digital marketing since it shows graphs that indicate the frequency with which a term is searched. Either locally, regionally or internationally. This also includes searches in different languages.

The horizontal axis represents the time and the vertical axis the frequency with which the selected keyword has been searched.

Another function of this application is to compare the search volume between two or more terms.

The information provided by this platform is very valuable for different online marketing activities such as content creation.

Google Trends features

Google Trends is made up of different elements. These are:

  • Search volume: The search volume data provided by the tool is relative.
  • Search trends: This element tells you if a keyword increases or decreases its traffic.
  • Forecast: It refers to an estimate of the evolution that a search term or keyword may experience.
  • Related searches: These are the terms that are related to the query you make.
  • Filter searches: The tool allows you to filter the search by geographical location, dates, categories or place of search. For example: you can search Google Trends Spain 2020 and the most searched terms for the months that have elapsed of the year will appear.

How the search trends page works

On the search trends page, you can find daily search trends and real-time ones. Also the most searched topics by year and search by region.

Daily search trends

This section highlights the keywords in Google Trends whose searches have increased considerably in the last 24 hours.

It is important to mention that the tool updates the data every hour.

Real-time search trends

On the other hand, the real-time search trends section shows the keywords and themes that have recently increased their traffic. In other words, they are a trend in the immediate present.

Real-time searches originate from the combination of knowledge chart topics, user search interests, and Google News articles that your algorithm detects.

The Google Knowledge Graph is a systematic database of data. This is in charge of searching for knowledge or entities and relating them to each other. It is an important part of the search processes.

The year in search

This section groups the searches that have been trending on Google each year. You can get world data or select a country for which you want to know the information.

The most searched words in this section are grouped into the following categories: general, personalities, sports, TV and series, how? and what is?.


Searches by geographic location

On the main page you can choose the country where you want to start studying search trends.

How to use Google Trends for your SEO strategy?

Experts in digital marketing and SEO positioning in Madrid recommend the use of Google Trends in their content strategies.

Google Trends features that improve SEO

This tool has multiple functions. Among the most prominent are the following:

  • Know what internet users are looking for (from around the world, from a region or country). For this you only have to place a keyword or topic in the “Explore” bar.
  • You can see search trends for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summaries.
  • Observe news related to search data. These are selected by News Labs on Google and can contain very useful information for your research.
  • It shows you a map where you can see the level of interest by region on the topic sought.
  • You can see the other queries that users have made in relation to your main search term and its popularity level. In this option it also shows you the results of related queries that are “Increasing”.

Ways to use Google Trends in your SEO plan

Some ways to implement this tool in your web positioning plan are:

Correct choice of keywords

You can use it as a complement to the keyword planner. This way you will find better quality keywords.

Using both tools ensures you pick a keyword with a high search volume and compare it to the popularity of some you’ve already used. In this way you can replace the ones that are not generating so many benefits for others that are more current and in trend.

Geographical segmentation

Research the popularity of a topic nationally. Don’t forget that Google Trends also tells you how popular the term or topic you are researching is in various regions of the country. This can help you in your local SEO campaign.

The themes of Google Trends Spain will not be the same as those of other areas of Europe or the world. That is why it is essential that you know when to apply this segmentation option.

Track your popularity and competition

Evaluate the popularity of your brand against the competition. In this case it is important that you have a high search level .

If you are competing with a series of companies recognized locally, regionally or internationally, you can analyze your growth and notoriety by comparing the search volume of each one.

For example, if your competition is running promotions, it is possible that people make a greater number of inquiries regarding them. It can also happen otherwise.

Content planning

Find ideas and inspiration to develop content of interest to your audience with popular themes.

Take into account the most recently searched terms that are related to the theme of your brand

Select titles

Titles are a fundamental element when it comes to positioning content.

With the Google Trends functions you can see which topics and words are trending and use them in your post titles. This is one of the best SEO practices to optimize your website .

Detect seasons

There are searches that only occur on a seasonal basis, that is, in certain seasons.

In many cases it is beneficial to generate content related to it. As for example at Christmas, Mother’s Day and other celebrations.

The tool can help you learn about these trends and the different related topics that users are interested in. In other words, on the eve of Father’s Day, people make inquiries such as “gifts for dad”, “Father’s day offers”, etc.

Analyze user behavior

This refers to the fact that if you take some actions, whether online or offline, this will generate effects. Like a higher level Google searches which you could measure and verify with Trends.

Benefits of using Google Trends in your SEO strategy

Google Trends is a digital marketing tool that you should use as it has many benefits. Unlike others, this one is free, easy to use and understand.

Show results visually and clearly. Where Google search values ​​are represented in a parameter from 0 to 100, I feel 100 the highest level of popularity or traffic.

It also gives you the alternative of receiving emails . These are Google Trains alerts so that you are aware of what is happening with certain search terms or topics of your choice. But for this you must subscribe.

Doing so is quite simple. Just head over to the main menu on the left side of the Google Trends home page. Press the option “Subscriptions” and set the different parameters such as the frequency of emails, topics and more.

How does the keyword planner work?

Google Keyword Planner also known as keyword planner is a free tool. It is able to provide you with keyword ideas. And it also shows you their traffic estimates.

It was designed to help users who use AdWord to serve paid ads on Google in different situations. But it is also very useful for optimizing different SEO aspects of your website.

If you want to use this tool, you just have to create an account in AdWords. Then proceed to design your first advertising campaign on the platform.

You can run it if your brand requires it, but in case you don’t you just have to pause it. This last step is important since if you do not deactivate the campaign, you will have to pay for the service.

Once you have completed these steps, you can enjoy all the benefits of Google Keyword Planner.

Among its main functions are:

  • Search for new keywords by means of a phrase, website or category.
  • Get search volume data and trends.
  • Combine keyword lists to get new keywords.
  • Get forecasts of click performance and costs for the use of one or more keywords.

Differences between Google Trends and Keyword Planner

It is important to mention that the keyword planner is different from Google Trends despite looking very similar tools.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes them is the way in which each calculates and displays the popularity level of a keyword or search term.

Google Trends will only provide you with relative statistics that come from the number of total searches on Google in a given period of time. While Google Keyword Planner will show you the estimated total search volume.

That is, Trends does not show the number of visits in numbers, but a series of graphs that work with parameters .

Both tools have different functions. For this reason we recommend that you use them together. They can be very valuable elements within your web positioning and online marketing strategy.

Google Trends is a very useful tool in the digital marketing world. We invite you to get to know it better and make the most of it within your strategy.

Now that you know how to use Google Trends for your SEO strategy? you can start using it to improve web positioning. If you want to hire an expert team in various areas of digital marketing, contact  and ask for a quote.

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