How to Become an Influencer on Instagram

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram

How to become an influencer on Instagram

Instagram is the social network of influencers par excellence. The images that are uploaded, accompanied by the relevant hashtags and some original photos, have made the most influential people not hesitate for a moment to be there. It is the same as in Snapchat , these are platforms in which you can communicate only with the image , the language that triumphs on the Internet. Are you also wondering what the magic formula is? How to be an influencer and not die trying? Then this article is for you.

Tips on how to be an influencer on Instagram

  1. Hashtags. Yes, we have already commented that you have to use the required label: if you are talking about #instafood or #pornfood; if the image of your French bulldog is being uploaded #instadog #frechielover; if you are in a city, tag it… But it is also very good to be attentive to trending topics or you can create a hashtag on purpose to create your personal brand.
  1. Quality images. It is obvious, but beautiful photographs have more likes than others that have been taken haphazardly because you had to upload one yes or yes. Better quality than quantity. It is clear that you have to be immediate and not lose the relevance offered by a snapshot at a certain moment, but the image must be good, that is clear.

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  1. Take care of the details. If you want to show something, be it a breakfast, a product or the decoration of a house, the details must be measured. Many talk about posturing, but the truth is that an image of a dress on the bed is not the same, just like putting it on a nice bedspread, with a bag, shoes and perfume well arranged.

How to Become an Influencer

  1. Do not abuse the phrases. There are Instagram accounts in which 80% of the images are phrases. People are already bored by Paolo Coelho syndrome. Instead, they can be used to describe a landscape, a street, or a sea horizon.
  1. Special moments. A hug, a toast, a smile, a look. These kinds of micro – moments hide a special story behind that makes people want to follow it.
  1. Storytelling. Therefore, tell stories, follow a script that people want to know every day. Why do pet Instagram accounts succeed? Besides that they are ‘so cute’.
  1. Mentions. As in social networks like Twitter, do not forget to mention people so that the image that has been shared is amplified.
  1. There is life beyond the Valencia filter. Also try saturating dark images or sharpening an image with details that appear in the distance.
  1. Use emoticons. It is the language that, as an image, transmits as much as the photo you share on the social network. It can even express more than what you have made known to your followers.

10. Be natural. Like life itself. Don’t abuse selfies; you can show a spontaneous photo of your profile or a stolen smile.

How to Become an Influencer

Can you think of any more tips to succeed on Instagram?

At Influencity we know that our influencers work very well on social networks like Instagram, one of our favorites. Do you have your own tips on how to be influencer? Maybe you want to start in other social networks? Write to us, we want to know your experience!

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