Best SEO Tracking Software

Best SEO Tracking Software

Best SEO Tracking Software in 2020

Not sure which SEO Tools to choose and why?


There are hundreds of services and applications dedicated to SEO, and of course I have not used them all but I have used a good number of them, so I can save you a lot of time and money by explaining what tools I use and why.


Recommended SEO Tool Suites

These suites or tool packages perform multiple SEO tasks and are the most recommended option to have everything in one package, and they are the most economical option to improve your positioning at all levels.



Mangools SEO Tools


This powerful set of online tools consists of five applications perfectly integrated with each other, which allow you to carry out almost any SEO task:


  • KWFinder : to easily find and manage profitable keywords.
  • SERPChecker : to analyze the keywords and their competition in the results.
  • SERPWatcher : to monitor the positions of your keywords.
  • LinkMiner : for research and monitoring of links.
  • SiteProfiler : to investigate the authority and SEO metrics of any domain or URL.




SEO Power suite:

SEO Power suite is a set of 4 desktop applications, for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The suite includes 4 tools, each of them with a specific utility:

  • SEO Spy Glass – Analyze your competitors’ links, help you discover link building opportunities and manage your existing links.
  • Rank Tracker : monitors the position of search results (SERPs) and helps in the selection of keywords.
  • Website Auditor : analyze your website and help you optimize all aspects of SEO On Page.
  • Link Assistant : manage and organize your link building campaigns.




Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool for SEO, PPC, search analytics, marketing, and content marketing.

Yes, it does all of that, and quite well for a reasonable price. Some of its functions are:

  • Web analysis of an entire domain or a specific URL, keywords by which a website is positioned, position of the domain in the results, level of competition, rich results and much more.
  • Keyword analysis with exact match of the phrases in all their possible versions, as well as the terms and phrases that are semantically linked.
  • Analysis of new and lost backlinks and number of backlinks on the most popular pages of the domain.
  • Tracking general and local positions , every day, every 3 days or every 7 days.
  • Web audit that measures the subjective level of domain optimization, SEO errors and how to fix them.


SE Ranking:

SE Ranking is a multifunctional online tool that offers you features of the most popular SEO tools at a very competitive price:

It is especially suitable for SEO analysis and promotion:

  • Rankings : tracking of the positions of your keywords in real time for the main search engines, at the country, region or city level.
  • Competitor analysis : investigate your competition’s organic and paid positioning strategy, discover the keywords they are attacking and the paid ads they use.
  • Marketing plan : complete to-do list to help you optimize your SEO.
  • Web audit : very complete that helps you locate and solve technical problems that prevent you from achieving a good web positioning.
  • On Page Audit : find out how well (or badly) you are optimizing your pages for your target keywords.
  • Backlink monitoring : discover, monitor and control all your backlinks with the metrics you need to assess your link portfolio.
  • Change monitoring : control all the changes that happen on your pages or those of your competitors.
  • Strategy for social networks : complete analytics of your social networks and automatic publication tool.




SEMRush is an excellent tool to “spy” on your competition’s SEM (paid positioning) strategy.

If you dedicate yourself to Online Marketing, especially if you use Adwords , SEMRush can become an almost essential ally.

But SEMRush is also very useful for keyword research, and competition: it gives you information about the Keywords that your competitors are positioning, and it gives you suggestions on new ones.

SEMRush has evolved towards an “all-in-one” tool, and therefore sometimes it is somewhat more expensive than other specialized tools.

If you can only afford one SEO tool, SEMRush is a good option.




Dinorank is a powerful, low-cost SEO suite that is constantly updated adding new features for the same price.

Of Spanish origin, the multifunction tool covers what is necessary to rank any project in Google:

  • Position tracker : monitor the position of your keywords on PC or mobile; allows geolocation by city and will soon have real search. Automatically track the top 20 competing domain results for each keyword entered.
  • SEO audit : analyzes the status of all the URLs of a domain to find errors and On Page deficiencies of any kind.
  • Link Building Management : control the amount and variety of backlinks your domain receives and analyze those of your competition.
  • Keyword Research : find new keywords to work on your project and discover how the sector moves. Its search results are similar to, however Dino rank integrates it into an SEO suite for a much lower price.
  • Semantic prominence: in a similar way to how Seolyze does, this SEO suite extracts the relevance of the semantic keywords of a text based on the analysis of the Top 10 competitor.

Other interesting functions are: analysis of the PageRank and internal linking of any website, analysis and detection of thin content, detection of cannibalization in one click … It is a very complete tool, suitable for all SEO profiles.

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